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8 inch
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A termék képe

The AN-E must be the most efficient wide band speaker of moderate size on the market, with an effective bandwidth from 18 Hz to 23 kHz at -6 dB, efficiency better than 95 dB/m and a dynamic headroom above 108 dB. The extremely high efficiency is retained well over the bandwidth, and makes the AN-E very suited to the high quality, low-power triode amplifiers that will form the future of music reproductuctuction, once our obsession with power and specifications is generally recognized as folly.
The AN-E is a two-way, ported enclosure, with a carefully designed cabinet which is shaped to enhance and aid driver dispersion on one hand, and bass output on the other. The cabinet is lightly braced and little internal damping is used. The cabinet is designed in such a way that it augments and supports the drivers in their task, not unlike the box of a guitar. The drivers are selected and paired before they are matched to the crossover in the same process as the AN-K and AN-J.
Dimensions: (Height, Width, Depth) 790 x 360 x 270mm (31" x 14" x 10.5").

Description - (94 - 95.5 dB/w/m)
AN-Lexus Lx copper cable. 94dB sensitivity.
As Lx but with internal SPe silver cable.
AN-E/SEC Silver
ALNICO magnet on woofer, Silver voice coils, Silver inductors, Black Gate caps, SOGON cable.
AN-E/SEC Signature
Adds AN copper foil cap crossover in external chassis, 3 braided strands of SOGON per connection.
Adds AN silver foil caps, ALNICO tweeter magnet will be added when available. Adjusted to 0.1dB tolerance.
HE Model
Description - (98 dB/w/m)
High efficiency woofer with silver voice coils, std xo, Lexus spkr cable.
AN-E/SPe HE High efficiency drivers, standard crossover, silver SPe speaker cable.
AN-E/LX Signature High efficiency drivers, external crossoverwith AN copper foil caps, Lexus cable.
AN-E/SPx SE High efficiency drivers, external crossover, AN copper foil caps, silver inductors, SPx cable.
AN-E/SE Signature High efficiency drivers, external crossover, 3 braided strands of SPx per connection.

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