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TT Three
TT Three
A termék képe

High mass torque without any of the usual 'high mass platter' energy storage problems. Very light, highly inert platter made from Lexan, which has virtually no reflective properties nor any resonance storage problems. Rubber belt driving the platter around its outside rim.

3 immensely powerful motors, whose speed is "locked" together by the master control unit's digitally synthesised frequency.

This combination provides a platform with levels of stability and torque which high mass turntables can only dream of! When the high mass stored in the motors provides torque to drive the light, inert platter, the energy is focused as rotation, nothing else, and the best of both worlds is achieved.

Three point suspended design, centred at the bearing, which is also the epicentre of the motors? inertia. This completely removes the most common problem in suspended turntables, where the motors and suspension are misaligned in relation to each other and as a result, the platter is vacillating constantly between the centre of the drive system and the centre of the suspension. The sub chassis is designed with 3 arms. One has the tonearm in the standard position on the far right, the other two hold mass balancing weights, which provide an exact equivalent of the combined arm / cartridge mass, thus loading each suspension tower equally.

The TT-Three is supplied with the arm board cut for our own '/II' 9" tonearms. This is the only way we supply the TT-Three, and we do not offer any other arm boards to fit the inferior offerings from other manufacturers. Our tonearms are the perfect choice for the TT-Three, so why use anything else?!