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Level Z
6 grams
FG type 2
Audio Note Soro 5881 push-pull integrated amplifier

The affordable quality

The Audio Note IQ cartridges are the finest Moving Magnet designs currently available. A refinement of the established Moving Magnet principle, they offer an excellent combination of exceptional tracking ability, dynamic range and longevity, thanks to the extremely high quality components used for their construction. Each model employs a highly rigid Pocan™ body shell, equipped with integral threaded inserts for easy installation in the tonearm head-shell. This mounting system greatly improves mechanical coupling between the cartridge body and head-shell in comparison to the traditional nut & bolt fixing. A detachable stylus assembly was chosen to facilitate easy replacement or upgrade. In fact, All three models in the IQ range use the same body shell, so it is a very simple and cost effective procedure to upgrade from an IQ I to an IQ II or IQ III, merely by changing the stylus assembly. The coils in all of the IQ cartridges are made from high purity, 'four nines' copper wire that is of an incredibly small diameter. We have often been asked why we do not produce a silver coil version in the IQ range; the reason, quite simply, is that it is not possible to produce silver in such a minuscule, fine gauge! The suspension of the IQI is stiffer than usually found in a Moving Magnet cartridge, and uses a cantilever formed from a specially hardened aluminium tube. Careful attention is paid to the mechanical assembly of the generator, and for the stylus diamond, we chose the highly regarded Gyger Type II.

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