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Level 3,4
AN-1s AN-V/Vx
10 inches
A termék képe

All Audio Note™ AN-1s tone arms are available with 6 wires for use with the Audio Note™ Io Ltd. moving coil cartridge the two additional wires are for the DC feed to the electromagnets from the power supply. The AN-1s arms are designed specifically for the AN-TT Three turntables, but will work very well on most other manufacturer’s turntables as well, if Audio Note™ is provided with the necessary drawings, we can provide arm boards for most other brands.

ZU303,ZU305: AN-1s/AN-V 6 wire version 10" tone arm, Audio Note AN-AI 99.99% pure silver wire with AN-V external cable, medium mass arm for cartridges with low to medium compliance weighing up to 25 grams

ZU304,ZU306: AN-1s/AN-Vx 6 wire version 10" tone arm, cabling as above but with AN-Vx external cable

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